An interview with our Company Director  – Jude Eastick

What do you like most about your job?

I wake up everyday excited to go to work. I love meeting new people and working outdoors and also really like creating and maintaining spaces.  We have been part of some great garden designs and I love seeing clients faces once their ideas become reality. We love making clients happy. Positive feedback about their garden transformations and the difference it has made to them is an awesome part of the job.

What inspired you to start your business?

I always wanted to have an outdoor office – a lot healthier and it keeps me fit! I worked for many years in the UK and France instructing outdoor activities. In my last posting I was part of a team which built  the adventure centre activities. It gave me valuable experience and highlighted some of my practical skills. I have always wanted to run my own business. It was apparent my strengths and skills lay in landscaping and gardening so I went back to college to gain horticultural qualifications.

Since we began we have taken on more and more landscaping projects and now the majority of our work is landscaping. This is incredibly rewarding as we get to make real changes to the look and feel of gardens and make a real impact through hard and soft landscaping.

What is your garden like?

This image is a ‘before’ photo and we have since added hard landscaping in the form of raised beds, a pond, fencing and a greenhouse and soft landscaping such as more defined borders and new planting areas.

Garden rooms

There is a long thin lawn with mature trees on one side and a very tall beech hedge on the other. We have created a vegetable and fruit garden at the back of the garden. We grow a variety of vegetables in the raised beds and greenhouse and an area with raspberries, currants and gooseberries. Unfortunately we ran out of space quite quickly so now have an allotment for the excess.

There is a paved seating and dining area nestled amongst honeysuckle, clematis and stunning David Austin roses. There is also a variety of potted pants and a small bed with roses, salvias, geraniums and other perennials. We make up hanging baskets for our local pub and have some on the patio for extra colour.

We have planted lots of shrubs and perennials and added a lot of colour and height to the beds next to the lawn and planted tree ferns and grasses around the pond we put in. Removing one large tree to allow more light into the garden had made a big difference. As keen cooks we wanted herbs near the house to use in our cooking but were short on patio space so have created a vertical planting area.

Creating space for the children

We have children so we created two areas for them to dig and plant as they love to join in. There is an area where they can move sand and pebbles around without disturbing our planting!  We try and involve the children as much as possible. They grow and harvest produce with us and they often help with planting and tidying jobs. Our lawn is now dominated by a large trampoline and a swing set as they spend  a lot of time outside. We are lucky enough to have a summer house which has seating and storage for toys.

It is a very well used garden and by creating areas with different functions we have managed to suit the whole family. We throughly enjoy dining on the patio, eating the produce from the back of the garden and the allotment followed by time on the swings for the children and a glass of wine on the outdoor sofa for us.

What is your favourite flower?

Well I should say greengage… but I love strongly scented plants. I absolutely love Jasmine, the scent is incredible and reminds me of holidays to Corfu as a child. I also love a Salvia – ‘hot lips’ has a beautiful red and white flower and an incredible scent.