Here is an interview with our Head Gardener and Company Director – Judith Eastick

What do you like most about your job?

I wake up everyday excited to go to work. I love meeting new people and working outdoors. I also really like creating and maintaining spaces. To be part of a team of people maintaining the life of plants and watching them flourish is amazing. The best job I’ve ever had.

What inspired you to start your business?

I always wanted to have an outdoor office – a lot healthier and it keeps me fit! I am very practically minded so it suits me well. In fact, when I was at school I said to my careers adviser that I’d like to be a gardener and have always held on to that passion. When my Granddad fell ill, I started helping in his garden and he told me about winning awards from the Chelsea Flower Show for his Dahlias – that ignited a spark in me to take on gardening as a career.

I’m really intrigued by nature and it gives me a lot of job satisfaction knowing I am maintaining and preserving the life of plants. Having the opportunity to design an outdoor space is one of the most enjoyable things in a gardeners career, as you are the catalyst to creating beautiful spaces and new habitats.

What is your garden like?

My free time is limited as a full time gardener so we chose a low maintenance but elegant garden. There is a long thin lawn with mature trees on one side and a very tall beech hedge on the other, with a focal point of a birdbath on the lawn. We have focused on growing soft fruit at the back of the garden and building a greenhouse and raised bed for vegetables. There is a paved seating area, nestled amongst honeysuckle, clematis and stunning David Austin roses. We have a variety of potted pants and a small bed with roses, salvias, geraniums and other perennials. We are planning a major project to overhaul the flower beds in the main garden in the next few years.

What is your favourite flower?

Well I should say greengage… but I love strongly scented plants. I absolutely love Jasmine, the scent is incredible and reminds me of holidays to Corfu as a child. I also love a Salvia – ‘hot lips’ has a beautiful red and white flower and an incredible scent.