Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Do you do garden maintenance?

Not really, the main focus is landscaping. We will do garden maintenance along side our landscaping jobs on site so the finished project looks as good as possible. However we don’t take on gardening jobs.

What happens if it is raining / very cold?

Our landscapers are used to it in lovely wet Somerset! We have wet weather gear and all our tools are safe to use in damp conditions and use gazebos for protection. Don’t worry about us, we may reach an agreement together to postpone but generally we are happy to just get on, we are well equipped and prepared. We hire portaloos so we’re not traipsing mud through your homes!

How do we pay?

We  invoice you at the end of the job by email or a hard copy and you can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer. We do take deposits for all landscaping jobs, this is explained in our contracts with you and then usually a stage payment for larger jobs for materials outlay. Greengage is VAT registered.

Can you take waste away?

We use skips which come from a company with a very strong recycling ethos. We also try to repurpose materials but we do not have a waste carriers license.

Do we need to be in for your visits?

Not necessarily, all clients are different and we can make arrangements to suit you. We will discuss site access when we have our initial meetings.