Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully, as they set out our and your legal rights and obligations in relation to our services. By accepting the quotation, paying the deposits required and the contract starting, the client is deemed to accept all of the terms and conditions listed below.

1. Garden Maintenance

  1. Our day rate is for 8 hours and half day for 4. Unless a fixed price quotation has been agreed prior to work beginning, we will apply the day rate or hourly rate plus materials and expenses to the clients invoice. Breaks are taken outside of paid time.
  2. If we are required to remove green waste or general waste from the site, this will be subject to a charge.
  3. Greengage Garden Solutions Ltd (Hereafter known as GGS) will undertake any requested jet washing, but can not accept a claim or compensation arising from any damage caused by the high pressure cleaning. The client needs to carry out a risk assessment before jet washing commences and be satisfied they are happy for the work to take place.
  4. Invoices are issued at the end of the month and clients are requested to pay within seven working days. If payment is not received further action will be taken and late payment fees will come into place.
  5. 2 weeks notice is required to cancel a booking. If you do need to cancel with less than 2 weeks notice then there will be a 25% charge added to that months invoice. Iyou cancel our visit within 48 hours the full amount must still be paid.
  6. If the weather conditions become impractical or unsafe to work in, we reserve the right to withdraw our gardeners from the site immediately, however we have the correct clothing and equipment to work safely in most weather conditions.
  7. We take the welfare of our staff very seriously and unfortunately cannot work in areas with animal faeces. Please ensure you check your gardens thoroughly before we arrive and hose down any affected areas.
  8. Access to water and electricity should be provided by the client at no cost to GGS.
  9. We use quality materials and plants and give thorough information about aftercare. GGS is not able to guarantee the performance of any planting. All watering and after care is down to the client.
  10. It is the clients responsibility to ensure there is adequate parking and access available for required work for at least one vehicle. If parking is not available at the location of the work to be carried out, any time used to transport plants/equipment from the vehicle to site or vice versa is in the clients time.

2. Landscaping

  1. The work will be completed to a high standard and to the instructions and designs agreed with the client.
  2. Quotes are agreed initially whether they are fixed or not, acceptance of a quote is accompanied by a 10% deposit. Any cancellation of quotes and fixed dates would mean losing your deposit. You will also need to cover the cost of any purchases already having been made. Any additional work requested during the work period will be an additional cost.
  3. The client is to indicate the line of the boundaries, underground cables and pipes before work commences and GGS accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses or future disputes which the client may have with the owner(s) of neighbouring properties or other parties as a result of works which it carries out on or within the boundaries, cables or pipes that the client has indicated to us.
  4. The client is solely responsible for obtaining any planning permission required, including the preparation and submission to the local authority of any necessary applications. GGS takes no responsibility for loss or damages incurred as a result of failed planning permission or the client requiring planning permission in retrospect.
  5. GGS will endeavour to inform clients of any delays due to equipment failures, weather, staff illness in good time.
  6. All points covered in section ‘Garden Maintenance’ as detailed above, also need to be adhered to whilst taking on GGS for any landscape work.

Greengage Garden Solutions Limited company number is 11404561.

Greengage Garden Solutions Ltd has public and employers liability insurance.

Greengage Garden Solutions Ltd is a licensed waste carrier CBDU251722.