Nature based play

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With a growing tendency for children to be fixated with screens and obesity rates increasing, gardens and gardeners can play a role to encourage children to get outside to access nature and do some serious active playing. Not only will they have a great time but active children become active adults and an early introduction to nature and conservation will ... Read More

June jobs for the garden

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Summer is here and hopefully it will be a perfect month for gardening with long sunny days and plenty of time to get out in your gardens. By now you should have plenty of flowers in full bloom. Deadheading and cutting back any ones that have flowered will encourage plenty of new growth in many plants such as Roses, Delphiniums, ... Read More

In the Beginning…

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At Greengage we are really proud of our website and we can see plenty of new and old customers visiting and viewing our projects and checking out our services. We really wanted a way to connect with as many people as possible, so we are introducing a fortnightly blog to look at some aspects of gardening, our staff, our business ... Read More