What to consider when choosing a patio

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With the advent of warmer weather and the news we can now entertain again in our gardens. It is a good time to take a look at the space you have. Being able to entertain in an attractive and functional space is not a necessity but can definitely enhance your experience. There are so many ways you can use patios ... Read More

Greengage’s current project

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Water feature
Over the past two years we have been working on two huge garden redesigns. They a showcased in our projects section of the website. Since finishing we have done a small garden redesign,  a concrete base for a greenhouse, a plastering course. Our current project includes building a retaining wall in a sloped family garden, adding some raised beds and shifting ... Read More

Back to work

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Greengage landscapers will return to work on the 25th May. We have enjoyed spending time in our own gardens but are keen to get back. Our head landscaper missed work and ending up building a two storey playhouse out of reclaimed materials. We have some really exciting projects lined up including a whole garden redesign working with fabulous designer Sally ... Read More

Covid 19 and Greengage

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Currently all Greengage staff are furloughed and staying safe at home and have been since Tuesday 24th March. As soon as restrictions are lifted we look forward to getting back to helping you make your gardens look fantastic.   We were coming towards the end of a really exciting build. It was a complete brand new garden for a new ... Read More

April jobs for the garden

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April is a good month for the garden and gardeners alike. As the weather warms and flowers begin to bloom there becomes plenty to do in the garden, so wellies on and get out there. Weeds - You need to give the garden a good check and focus on an area at a time. Careful weeding of one patch will ... Read More