December jobs for the garden

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Gardening is not usually top priority this month with festive celebrations taking place. As long as you have protected your garden from the cold and finished pruning jobs such as freestanding apples and pears you can take some time to enjoy other peoples hard work in their gardens and the festive events they hold.

Make sure you bring the garden indoors this Christmas. Using foliage in your decorations this Christmas is not only more sustainable but will look great. You can use ivy on mantelpieces and staircases instead of tinsel, make your own Christmas wreath using greenery, add holly to brown paper wrapped presents and enjoy being creative with the fruits of your gardening labour.

If you have excess produce,  home made presents of chutneys and fruit infused gins and vodkas make excellent presents.

Happy Christmas from Greengage and we hope you are enjoying home grown parsnips and sprouts with your xmas dinner.

Words: Jude Eastick, Company Director & Head Gardener