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We are about to celebrate our 3rd anniversary as Greengage Garden Solutions Ltd and over six years running our own gardening business. The company began back in 2015 and has evolved over the years to its current form from Helping hands, to Gardening plus to JE garden services to Greengage.

Our original names reflected the fact that we took on a variety of different kinds of work as well as gardening including decorating, building and repairs. As time went on and we became a more experienced team with horticultural qualifications, we became keen to focus solely on gardening and then landscaping. When we took on our first full time member of staff and decided to upscale the business, we wanted a name that could ‘grow’ with the business.

We wanted a name linked to nature and after some suggestions from various family and friends we chose Greengage. We like the idea of having green in it, straight away leading people to gardening and outdoors. It is an unusual name which we hoped would be memorable, but predominantly we wanted to carry on the tradition of using fruit to name highly successful, innovative businesses’ such as Apple records,  Apple technology, Orange cell phones, Mango clothing, Banana republic etc.

The fruit and flowers of the Greengage are very visual and our logo has worked well on our branding and on our vehicles. We also  commissioned a photographer to take some photos of Greengages to use in our social media which we think are rather beautiful and wanted to share with you. Definitely worth taking a look at their other work whilst you are there to see if anything catches your eye.


Words: Jennie Eastick, Amateur gardener and Office Manager