Our journey to net zero

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Greengage's journey to net zero 2050 is the date the government have given for the economy to be net zero. Locally in Somerset they are aiming to be a Carbon Neutral County by 2030. The Somerset Chamber of Commerce of which Greengage is a member was actually the first chamber of commerce to be net zero. We have worked with ... Read More

Somerset natural materials

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Cheddar Gorges natural beauty in Somerset
Lovely, sometimes very flooded, Somerset is a county in the southwest of England where Greengage is based. It has stunning natural beauty with places like Cheddar Gorge and the Levels. It also has beautiful urban areas such as Bath and Wells and even has breath-taking coastlines. In addition to all its natural beauty it also has an abundance of natural ... Read More

Raised Beds: Why we love them and what materials work best.

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Wooden raised beds
What are Raised Beds? Raised beds are essentially garden beds that are elevated above ground level. They are typically constructed using wood, brick, stone, metal and can be any shape or size depending on need and the characteristics of the material. The soil in raised beds is usually higher quality than the soil in the surrounding area, as it is ... Read More

Decking – composite or natural

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Composite decking
When it comes to decking, you have a couple of options to choose from. One of the most popular choices is between composite (top three images) and wooden decking (last image). While both options have their pros and cons, it's important to understand the differences between the two before making a decision. We have experience of laying both and are ... Read More

Plant buying in Somerset

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Our Somerset landscaping team
Our clients often want comprehensive planting plans to enhance their beautiful new hard landscaping. Choosing the plants to highlight our work is often one of our favourite parts of the job. In the past we have used a variety of suppliers both locally and further afield if needed. When it comes to garden centres we have lost many a Sunday ... Read More